Main It Projects in 2018 in Retail and Corporate Business

VTB Group Target Vision Retail business Corporate business
Rapid development of remote channels and product improvement Improving tools for remote service and introducing new solutions

Profitable Bank

  • Sales of a new product called the Universal Card got under way.
  • Privilege-Multicard package created
  • Finconsulting product created for “Prime” customers.
  • New package for insurance products developed (“Personal Lawyer”).
  • Salary projects were launched, as were special products related to the “Detsky Mir” and “Public-sector employees” segments.
  • A unified system for fraud prevention and monitoring of suspicious transactions is being created.
  • New products launched for various target audiences: Escrow (for clients who have taken out a mortgage), MIR accounts, large-scale repayment holidays implemented.
  • Individuals’ deposits from ABS M-Bank were migrated to the target systems of the former VTB24 as part of the planned consolidation of retail business products.
  • General Agreement registered; guarantees within the Agreement implemented (in essence, framework guarantees were implemented similar to lines of credit).
  • A unified information platform called the Corporate Business Portal created.

Long-term client relations

  • Recipients of budget funds transferred to MIR cards.
  • Real-time data uploading into a CRM system implemented to generate personal offers for customers in real time.
  • Display case created that includes all information about a client’s bonus account, including information about future bonuses and about the movement and amount of bonuses in the context of each operation.
  • Service implemented that verifies Sim card changes (IMSI).
  • Process for providing non-standardised online documents automated.
  • The functionality of VTB Front was expanded: completion of cashier transactions involving former Bank of Moscow accounts; a service for law enforcement agencies; ensuring that the Bank can work with MIR card accounts.
  • New mortgage products created: pre-approved mortgages, refinancing of housing under construction, children's mortgages.
  • Automobile loan product launched.
  • Transfers linked to mobile phone numbers launched for clients of third-party banks with no commission when making transactions worth more than RUB 5,000 per month.
  • Process of submitting loan applications through former VTB24 systems improved: it now takes 25 minutes instead of 60.
  • New business card product with a ATM collection function developed.
  • ContactEvent, a tool for registering and monitoring activities with clients, is being implemented.
  • A task assignment/reminder tool was created.
  • A new technology called Export Manager was developed, expanding the possibilities of the Business Connect e-commerce platform in terms of online integration with eBay, Amazon, AliExpress and Alibaba.
  • Sales Manager module developed, expanding the capabilities of the existing Business Connect platform in terms of integration with ERP systems and the possibility of automating the process of completing corporate orders.
  • Bank’s access to the online tax monitoring system improved.

Integrated group

  • Partnership channel launched for mortgage lending, the purpose of which is to improve interaction between the Bank and partner companies, such as developers and realtors.
  • Merger of VTB and VTB24 completed.
  • Sales of investment products through VTB Front launched.
  • Paperless office technology launched (taking into account the requirements of the unified Bank).
  • Functionality added to connect new external and internal data sources to the Bank’s Retail Loan Pipeline: Yandex,, RTO (real-time offering).
  • Functionality added to send online mini-questionnaires and documents from partners’ CRM systems and the Bank’s website.
  • Extended Business Day functionality launched for the former VTB24 systems for Corporate-Investment and MSB clients.
  • Process to prepare electronic client and product dossiers on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carried out
  • Advanced data analysis toolkit made available.

High-tech bank

  • Pilot project called Robot Collector (first call to debtors) completed.
  • Project to implement a unified biometric platform launched. Collection of biometric data at points of sale.
  • Unified VTB Front interface introduced at all points of sale.
  • Transition to individualised scoring for individuals (assessment of the borrower's solvency on the basis of data from their credit history).
  • Pilot project launched on unified cards for residents of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Service launched for opening brokerage accounts and/or individual investment accounts.
  • Corporate knowledge management system called Business Wikipedia introduced for the front line of the Retail business line (named Project of the Year 2018 in a competition for IT directors).
  • Client product profile added, making it possible to obtain information about client service at the Bank.
  • Automatic typification for the documents that are scanned at points of sale added.
  • Functionality added to enable the use of previously submitted documents.
  • System for managing the quality of client data is being implemented: creating a client profile according to a single requisite based on records from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities/Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs as part of the process of optimising the reservation and opening of accounts.
  • Operation of the remote banking service system for corporate clients accelerated.

IT achievements in retail business in 2018 IT achievements in corporate business in 2018

VTB was the winner in the Breakthrough of the Year category at the Retail Finance Awards for achievements in the finance business in Russia

14 days → online: automating the issuance of non-standardised documents

Business Wikipedia: knowledge management system for the front line of the Retail Business global business line, winner of Project of the Year 2018 (Global CIO competition)

reduction from 60 to 25 minutes in the time needed to submit a loan application in former VTB24 systems

▼ 12 times the time needed to update records for all of the Bank’s corporate customers

from 13 to 23 thousand increase in the number of payroll clients

My Investments application was the winner of a Retail Finance Award