Development of remote service channels (mobile-first strategy)

Today, consumers of financial services prefer virtual services that offer convenience, efficiency, availability and security. Responding to requests and anticipating the needs of customers, the Bank offers digital products that are focused as much as possible on the individual needs of each customer. Improving the processes of interaction with retail and corporate clients requires the transformation of the Bank’s internal business processes. Automation of routine operations, optimisation of the performance of business divisions, improving the quality and speed of business analytics – all of this helps reduce costs and increase productivity.

The following initiatives have been implemented in the interests of retail customers:

  • client registration and account reservation with VTB Business Online LITE;
  • introduction of Apple Pay;
  • adaptation and introduction of Samsung Pay; daily payments through Samsung Pay have exceeded RUB 20 million;
  • scanning functionality added for QR codes and barcodes;
  • VTB My Investments mobile application launched;
  • Robo Advisor, the first service for choosing an investment portfolio in the Russian market, was created; designed for the VTB My Investments application, the service supports a unique rebalancing functionality;
  • VTB Front for tablets;
  • a push inbox was launched, allowing customers to receive SMS notifications about transactions through the application, along with a properly formatted receipt for each operation;
  • a virtual Bank branch was created: this system enables interaction between customers and the Bank’s call centre using chat and collaboration tools through a web interface. An online chat option is currently available for contacting the Bank. This allows customers to exchange text messages and images with operators.

Business clients received new opportunities for process optimisation, including:

  • an online business registration service (the first certified myDSS application using CryptoPro DSS technology for signing legal documents through a smartphone);
  • functionality that allows customers to access the Bank's mobile service and confirm operations with a short code/touch/face ID;
  • functionality was added that enables customers to obtain documents through the Bank’s mobile service;
  • functionality was added that allows customers to change their bonus category through the Bank’s mobile service;
  • upon request, remote paperless voting is available through the Bank’s mobile service.