General meeting of shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme governing body of VTB Bank. Any holder of ordinary shares may exercise the right to participate directly in the management of the Bank by voting on the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Preference shares carry voting rights only in special cases, as stipulated by law.

Shareholders may take part in a meeting of shareholders either in person (in the event that an in-person meeting is held) or through absentee voting. On 1 July 2016, legislative amendments entered into force concerning the procedure for nominee shareholders to provide information to the issuer on the identities of the ultimate owners of shares. In accordance with these amendments, the distribution of ballots by post is restricted to those individuals whose rights to securities are recorded directly with the registrar.

Regardless of where their shareholdings are registered, all shareholders of VTB Bank have access to the e-voting system developed by the Bank's registrar, VTB Registrar. E-voting is possible online on the website, as well as through the VTB Shareholder application.

The decision to convene a General Meeting of Shareholders is taken by the Supervisory Council. In accordance with applicable Russian law and the Bank’s Charter, information about the date and venue of the General Meeting of Shareholders, as well as the record date for shareholders eligible to participate, is published on VTB's website. During the time frame specified by law, shareholders can review materials for the General Meeting of Shareholders on the Bank’s website or at Shareholder Liaison Centres in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. When voting electronically, the materials for meetings are also available through the mobile application and in each user's personal account on VTB Registrar’s website.