Scope of Responsibilities

The Supervisory Council is one of the most important elements of VTB's corporate governance system. The Council is guided in its activities by the interests of the Bank and its shareholders. Acting in accordance with Russian legislation, the Bank’s Charter, the Regulation on the Supervisory Council and the Corporate Governance Code, it provides general oversight over the Bank’s operations.

The main tasks of the Supervisory Council are the elaboration and adoption of the Bank's development strategy, as well as the formation of the Bank's executive bodies and oversight over their activities, organising assessments of the performance of the internal control and risk management system, determining the Bank's personnel policy, including remuneration of executive bodies and Bank management, and participation in decision-making on issues pertaining to Bank management.

The Supervisory Council determines the rules for the functioning of the Bank's corporate governance system through the adoption of bylaws that regulate the principles and procedures of its individual elements and oversight over the effectiveness of the corporate governance system as a whole.

The Supervisory Council is entrusted with the function of managing conflicts of interest between the Bank's management bodies, shareholders and employees.

Members of the Supervisory Council are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a term of one year. Shareholders holding at least 2% of the Bank’s voting shares have the right to nominate candidates to the Supervisory Council. Members of the Supervisory Council are elected by means of a cumulative ballot at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Supervisory Council in place at the end of 2018 was elected at the AGM on 23 May 2018. As of 31 December 2018, the Supervisory Council consisted of 11 members, 10 of whom were non-executive directors, and three were independent directors. This combination of directors is in line with international best practices and ensures that all shareholders’ interests are represented on the Supervisory Council. The composition of the Supervisory Council is reviewed annually to ensure the right level of professionalism, experience and effectiveness, and to ensure that it is in line with VTB's strategic objectives.

VTB places great importance on the appointment of independent directors. These directors’ effective work on the Supervisory Council strengthens shareholders’ and investors’ trust in the Bank and ensures a high level of transparency for its governance system and the objectivity of the Supervisory Council's decision-making. The independent directors play an active role in Supervisory Council discussions and the decision-making process. Together, they monitor the Bank’s performance and its competitive position, analyse the performance of the management team, assess mechanisms and systems of internal control and risk management, and settle corporate conflicts.

According to the Bank's Corporate Governance Code, the Supervisory Council should include at least three directors who meet the independence criteria established by the listing rules of the exchange whose quotation list includes the Bank's securities. The independent members of the Supervisory Council must not have any relationship with the Bank that would prevent them from fairly and impartially making decisions with regard to VTB's strategy and ongoing activities. In determining the independence criteria for the members of the Supervisory Council, VTB Bank is guided by the requirements of current legislation, the listing rules of the stock exchange whose quotation list includes the Bank's securities and the Bank's Charter.

The Regulation on the Supervisory Council of the Bank specifies the rights and obligations of members of the Supervisory Council.

The Regulation can be viewed here.

Liability Insurance for Supervisory Council Members

Supervisory Council members are insured under the director’s liability insurance programme (Director’s and Officer’s Liability, D&O). In accordance with the D&O insurance programme, compensable losses (including legal expenses) incurred due to unintentional wrongful acts, negligence or omission on the part of members of the Supervisory Council related to the Bank’s financial operations are reimbursed in relation to claims filed during the insurance period by investors, shareholders or government bodies. The grounds for a claim may be the personal liability of members of the Supervisory Council for mistakes made during the decision-making process, shortfalls in financial control and risk management leading to losses, a reduction in share price or asset value or damages caused to third parties.

In 2018, a contract for directors’ liability insurance was signed for a new term. The feasibility of the extension was approved by VTB Bank's Committee on Operational and Regulatory (Compliance) Risks, as well as by VTB Group's Risk Management Committee.

Composition of the Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council provides strategic direction; determines VTB's long-term priorities; approves its development strategy and long-term development programme; determines the key principles and overall approach to risk management and internal control, remuneration policy and compensation paid to members of the Supervisory Council, executive bodies and other key executives; and exercises oversight over the activities of executive bodies and corporate governance. The Supervisory Council plays a key role in the Bank’s main corporate activities.

The main functions of the Supervisory Council are specified in the Charter and the Regulation on VTB Bank's Supervisory Council

These documents can be viewed on the Bank's website.

Chairman of the Supervisory Council

The Chairman of the Supervisory Council is elected by majority vote of the members of the Supervisory Council. The Supervisory Council has the right to re-elect its Chairman at any time by majority vote.

The Chairman is not permitted to combine this role with the position of President and Chairman of the Management Board. The Chairman of the Supervisory Council may not also be a member of the VTB Bank Management Board, nor may he or she have any type of employment relationship with the Bank.

The Chairman organises the work of the Council, convenes and chairs its meetings, ensures that minutes are kept and presides over General Meetings of Shareholders. In the absence of the Chairman, his or her duties are assumed by a Supervisory Council member as decided by the Supervisory Council.

Anton Siluanov has been the Chairman of VTB's Supervisory Council since 28 April 2017.