Principles of Information Disclosure By The Bank

Information disseminated about the Bank's activities can be divided into three groups:

  • information that must be disclosed in the prescribed manner and by the means specified in regulatory documents and by regulatory authorities;
  • information disclosed by the Bank on a voluntary basis by any means chosen by the Bank;
  • publicly available information that is freely provided at the request of stakeholders for informational purposes.

Primary information disclosure channels 2018 results
  • the Interfax newswire and the Bank’s dedicated page on website .
According to Interfax, VTB Bank was ranked second in 2018 among leading companies in terms of information disclosure.
  • 2,124 statements
  • 1 annual report for 2017
  • 2 accounting (financial) reports under RAS
  • 4 consolidated financial statements under IFRS
  • 4 quarterly issuer reports
  • 4 lists of affiliates
  • new versions of the Charter and the Regulation on the Procedure for Preparing, Convening and Holding General Meetings of Shareholders
  • other documents in accordance with legislative requirement
  • Information about VTB Bank on the website of the London Stock Exchange.
  • 37 material facts/press releases regarding the disclosure of IFRS results on a quarterly and monthly basis, the results of the AGM and of voting at the AGM, including on dividend payments, management appointments (the Management Board and the Supervisory Council), publication of the annual report, PDMR transactions, M&A deals and sales of VTB Group companies, as well as other events that may be important for the investment and analytical community
  • VTB Bank's corporate website, and website, which has the most complete information about the Bank’s activities, is regularly updated in accordance with the requirements of legislation and the Bank’s bylaws.
In addition to information published in accordance with the legislative requirements, the Bank also disclosed:
  • monthly IFRS financial results
  • a social report for 2017
  • a presentation for investors
  • 475 press releases

The site received 28,228,519 visits in 2018.

  • the Company's account in the Unified Federal Register of Information about the Activities of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Other Economic Entities.
  • 147 statements
  • with regard to ensuring corporate actions: web channels (web service in conjunction with Luch software or the web office of the National Settlement Depository)
  • 16 statements
  • YouTube: 22,940,000 views
  • Vkontakte: 80,000 subscribers
  • Instagram: 22,600 subscribers
  • Twitter: 18,300 followers
  • Group Facebook : 210,000 followers
  • informational seminars, conferences, press conferences, meetings, forums and other meetings with stakeholders
  • 4 telephone conferences following the disclosure of IFRS statements
  • 13 seminars for shareholders
  • 3 Investor Days
  • 8 Open Doors Days