Responsible Resource Management

One of VTB Group’s main priorities is taking a responsible approach to the use of natural resources, with considerable attention paid to improving systems for managing the Group’s own resource and power consumption.

In 2018, the Group continued to implement its Energy Conservation and Energy-Efficiency Programme. VTB Group companies adhere to a policy of renovating existing real estate, which is aimed at, among other things, increasing the resource and energy efficiency of the facilities, compliance with high environmental standards and minimising the negative impact on the environment.

As part of improving the resource and energy efficiency of VTB Group properties, resource- and energy-saving technologies are being introduced everywhere, and utility systems are being replaced or upgraded, which is having an impact on resource consumption and energy efficiency. The resource- and energy-saving technologies used by VTB Group companies have a twofold impact, as they also reduce the harmful impact on the environment and the formation of hazardous waste.

In addition to the use of resource- and energy-saving technologies aimed at reducing their environmental impact, VTB Group companies are constantly reducing their own fleet and freight traffic and are optimising routes for automobile traffic. Every year, more and more tires and automotive batteries are turned in for recycling.

In addition, the process of reducing office printing and the transition to paperless document management are still ongoing. Used batteries are constantly being collected, and waste paper is recycled. VTB Group employees also take part in voluntary environmental activities.

VTB Bank's main results in the area of resource management in 2018:

  • optimisation of the placement of VTB Bank divisions following the merger with VTB24 – a reduction in the total area of occupied premises with an increase in the number of the Bank's own properties in operation;
  • implementation of an Energy-Saving Programme, with the introduction of energy-saving technologies;
  • introduction of resource-saving technologies: reduction of water consumption by 14%;
  • reduction of the Bank's own fleet (passenger automobiles), a more than 4 times reduction in diesel fuel consumption;
  • collection and transfer for processing/disposal of hazardous waste, recycling of waste paper: a more than 30% increase in the volume of paper sent for recycling.
VTB Bank's resource consumption
Resource type 2017 2018
Natural equivalent Monetary equivalent, RUB million Natural equivalent Monetary equivalent, RUB million
Thermal energy, Gcal 45,918 59.1 137,110 241.8
Electricity, thousand kWh 80,817 356.5 456,426 1,041.2
Paper, tonnes 549 33.9 3,183 234.1
Fuel consumption, thousand litres 949 31.7 3,128 137.6

Resource consumption in 2017 is calculated for VTB Bank's head office and its branches in Moscow. VTB24 is not included in the calculations.

Data on resource consumption in 2018 is calculated for VTB Bank's head office and its branches in Russia. The main reason for the increase in resource consumption in 2018 was the merger of VTB24 with VTB Bank.

Monetary equivalents are calculated based on the average market value of resources for each reporting year. Monetary equivalents do not include VAT.