Social Programmes

In 2018, VTB Bank continued to support public-interest projects in the form of sponsorship and charitable assistance. In implementing sponsorship and charitable activities, an approach was approved that would see the implementation of six large-scale targeted programmes:

  • A Sporting Country
  • An Educated Country
  • Patriotism and a Country of Traditions
  • A Cultural Country
  • A Country for Business
  • A Healthy Country

As part of these targeted programmes, VTB Bank allocated RUB 7.9 billion during the reporting period for charity and sponsorship projects.

charity projects
sponsorship projects

Programmatic financing allows the Bank to transmit its core values and social missions to the public. Each programme includes support for both sponsorship and charity projects.

Expenses for targeted sponsorship and charity programmes in 2018

A Sporting Country

RUB 2,798

Funding aimed at supporting professional sports and the development of physical education among the population, a contribution to a healthy lifestyle among future generations. In 2018, VTB implemented 25 projects, from such large-scale events such as a Formula 1 race and the VTB Kremlin Cup to the Beringia 2018 traditional dog sledding competition in Kamchatka.

VTB Bank has been the general sponsor of the Russian Gymnastics Federation since 2006. This financing is aimed at improving facilities, as well as supporting the preparation and participation of Russian national teams in international competitions. During the reporting year in 2018, our athletes won 25 gold, 25 silver and 17 bronze medals in competitions at the European and world levels.

VTB Bank is the title sponsor of the VTB United Basketball League, which was created jointly with the Russian Basketball Federation in 2008. Fourteen clubs from six countries – Russia, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan – are taking part in the tournament in the 2018/2019 season.

In addition, VTB Bank is the general sponsor of the Student Basketball Association (SBA), Europe’s largest student basketball league, which includes 800 men's and women's teams from 476 specialised secondary educational institutions in 70 regions of Russia. The top division of the SBA is called the VTB Student League.

Patriotism and a Country of Traditions

RUB 2,432

Support for projects aimed at promoting patriotism and an interest in the country's history, strengthening and reviving spiritual values, as well as helping veterans, charitable foundations and religious organisations.

In 2018, VTB Bank was the official sponsor of two feature films in the genre of military-historical drama, which were based on real events that took place during World War II. The subject of Tankers, directed by Konstantin Maksimov, are the heroic deeds of the crew of a KV-1 tank. The film Sobibor, Konstantin Khabenskiy's directorial debut, was timed to coincide with 75th anniversary of the uprising of prisoners in the eponymous death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Of all the Orthodox Christian monasteries supported by VTB Bank, one of the most venerated is the Valaam Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour. In 2018, funds were donated to renovate a cultural and historical heritage site, the building that houses the Valaam Monastery's Winter Hotel.

A Cultural Country

RUB 1,369

Traditional support for leading Russian theatres, museums, television programmes and other projects in the field of Russia's intellectual heritage.

VTB Bank was the general sponsor of a large-scale exhibition of works by Vasily Vereshchagin at the State Tretyakov Gallery. The exhibition included painting and graphic works, works of decorative and applied art, as well as archival documents and photographs. Some 320 thousand people attended the exhibition.

VTB supports a unique project called the Blue Bird Russian Open Competition for Young Talents. Participants include dancers, vocalists, gymnasts and musicians from all over the country from 5 to 15 years of age. The purpose of the competition is to show support for young talents on national television and to encourage teachers and inspire creativity in younger generations.

An Educated Country

RUB 552

Assistance for leading universities, the advancement of scientific capability and high technologies, the development of financial literacy and support for competitions, gifted children and students. In 2018, 80 educational institutions received financial support, and 30 students received individual scholarships.

Since 2007, VTB has been cooperating with the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), including financing research laboratories, paying for comparative research in the field of finance, supporting ICEF undergraduate and master's scholarship programmes, replenishing the target capital for the development of the HSE and other joint projects.

The Bank acts as a partner for the I Am a Professional Russian national competition, and together with the HSE organises winter schools for competition finalists in the areas of Business Informatics and Finance and Credit. The goal of the project is to create a means of social mobility for talented students.

With VTB Bank's support in 2018, the “Languages without Borders” project was implemented: the first one-year programme took place in St. Petersburg to train deaf and hearing-impaired guides to work in Russian sign language in St. Petersburg museums. Since September 2018, the top graduates from the programme have been conducting excursions to museums such as the Pushkin Museum, the State Museum of the History of Religion and many others.

A Country for Business

RUB 401

Sponsoring participation in forums, conferences and business communities to maintain the Bank's business reputation and support business development. With VTB support in 2018, nine major international forums and around 10 industry events were held.

As it has traditionally done, VTB Bank was once again the general sponsor of the 2018 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The forum was attended by 17 thousand people from 143 countries. A total of 550 agreements were concluded worth nearly RUB 2.4 trillion.

In September 2018, the  4th Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok, with VTB Bank as the official sponsor. During the Forum, 220 agreements were signed worth a total amount of RUB 3.185 trillion, which was 1.3 times more than the previous year.

A Healthy Country

RUB 386

Charitable support of foundations, institutions and research projects in the field of health. Helping preserve Russia's environment and providing support for projects aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and regional ecosystems.

The corporate charity programme A World Without Tears, which is aimed at supporting domestic healthcare, completed its 15 th year in 2018. In just one year, 24 children's hospitals in the capital and various regions of the Russian Federation received assistance valued at RUB 75 million. Events took place across the country from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.

In the framework of its long-term cooperation, the Bank donated funds to the Amur Tiger Centre to preserve the environmental integrity of the Far Eastern region and increase the population of the Amur tiger in the Russian Federation.