VTB at a glance





Our mission

To provide world-class financial products and services that help to create a prosperous and sustainable future for our customers, stakeholders and society

Our identity

VTB Group is the leading Russian financial institution with a strong presence in key international markets

Our vision

VTB Group’s goal is to become a premier player in all of its priority markets

Our values

Trust. Gaining and retaining the trust of our customers is VTB Group’s most important value

Reliability. VTB Group’s long-term strength is reinforced by leading positions in the financial markets where we operate and our ability to provide local expertise on a global scale

Transparency. Our business is open and transparent, and all of our key stakeholders cooperate closely in order to deliver maximum value and visibility

Versatility. Our wealth of expertise across a broad range of financial products and services ensures that we offer all of our customers the most comprehensive, flexible and sophisticated solutions that suit their individual needs

Team. Our dedicated team of professionals benefits from the synergy of knowledge afforded by our diverse line of businesses, and our Group’s spirit is enhanced by the energy, creative insight and potential of each member of our team


16 countries
VTB Group worldwide
1.6 thsd
Branch network in Russia
16 mln
clients worldwide
# 1
«Bank of the year in Russia» according to «The Banker»
61 %
ordinary shares held by the Russian Federation
129 thsd
individual shareholders
# 1
Best investment bank in Russia
16 thsd
ATMs in Russia
77 thsd



that enable VTB Group to maintain and strengthen its market position


Strong competitive positions in Russia: one of the country’s leading and systemically important banks—holds a significant share of the Russian financial system’s total customer funds and total assets


A diversified universal banking business with significant market shares in various segments of the Russian market


A large branch network and a significant customer base


Leading positions in retail banking services, one of the leaders in the mortgage lending market in Russia


Strong relationships with leading Russian companies in key industries


Sizeable capital creates potential for sustainable asset growth and enables the Bank to finance large companies


Wide international network gives the Group a unique opportunity to serve Russian customers across the globe


VTB Capital’s investment banking division provides a full range of services in international financial markets


Brand awareness and state interest ensure financial strength and increased customer confidence


Professional team with a client-oriented approach

VTB GROUP IN RUSSIA (market share as of 31-Dec-2018)

VTB Bank and its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter «VTB Group») includes Russian and foreign commercial banks and other companies controlled by the Group.

VTB Group is structured as a holding company, which envisages a unified strategy for the development of Group companies, a single brand, centralised financial management and risk management and unified control systems.

In Russia, the Group performs banking operations through a parent company (VTB Bank) and a number of subsidiary banks—Vozrozhdenie Bank, Zapsibkombank, Sarovbiznesbank—as well as through the Post Bank joint venture.

VTB Group’s global network is unique to the Russian banking industry. Group companies provide services in the CIS, Europe and Asia, enabling the Group to facilitate international partnerships and promote Russian companies aiming to engage with global markets. The Group’s international operations enable diversification and increased profitability from its transactions in high-margin markets.

As of the end of 2018, the Group’s banking and investment banking business was active in 16 countries around the world. Outside Russia, the Group operates through eight subsidiary banks located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Angola and through two representative offices located in Italy and China, as well as two VTB branches in China and India, a branch of VTB Capital in Singapore and a branch of VTB Bank (Europe) in Austria. The Group’s investment banking division conducts operations with securities and provides financial advisory services in Hong Kong and investment banking services in Bulgaria. The Group also has an associated bank in Cyprus. In addition, VRB Bank, a joint venture between VTB and a Vietnamese bank, conducts banking activities in Vietnam.

The Group operates in all major segments of the financial market. Corporate-Investment Banking, Medium and Small Banking and Retail Business represent the Group’s global business lines, which specialise in servicing various client segments.

VTB Group presence

Client base in Russia

9.5 thousand
Corporate-Investment Banking clients Calculated based on data for existing corporate clients. An existing corporate client is a corporate client that has a contractual relationship with VTB Group for the provision of banking services and/or uses the services of the Group.
577 thousand
Medium and Small Banking clients
12.3 million
individual clients
6.5 million
payroll clients
6.5 million
clients using remote channels The client’s use of mobile or online banking in the preceding 90 days is taken into account (if the client uses both tools, it is counted only once).
VTB Group Structure
(consolidation perimeter as of 31 December 2018)